Tosahwi (WIP)

A Comanche warrior-shaman


Traits & Aptitudes

Mental Traits & Aptitudes
Cognition 3d10 Knowledge 3d6 Mien 2d6 Smarts 1d8 Spirit 1d8
Ritual: Paint 3
Search 1
Academia: Occult 2
Language: Comanche, English 3
Medicine: General 2
Area knowledge: Palo Duro Canyon 2
Survival: Plains 2 Guts 3
Physical Traits & Aptitudes
Deftness 3d8 Nimbleness 2d8 Quickness 4d6 Strength 3d12 Vigor 3d8
Bow 3 Fightin’: Knife 4, Tomahawk 4
Horse Ridin’ 2
Sneak 1
Climbin’ 1

Pace: 8
Wind: 16

Ferner 3
Oath: The Old Ways 4
Impulsive 3

Arcane Background: Shaman 3 (Favors: Shapeshift, Spirit Warrior, Medicine)
Belongin’s 1 (Exceptional horse, Tough)
Two Fisted 3

2x Tomahawk
Large knife
20x arrows
10x trail ration
Bed roll


Tosahwi (“White Knife”) was born around 1850s to the Quahadi Band of Comanches. Most of his childhood was spent on the road, as the band roamed around the Texas Panhandle, but the winters they stayed in and around the Palo Duro Canyon in northern Texas. When he was a teenager, he started learning the ways of the warrior from the other braves. They hunted game and fought against the white invaders. Tosahwi soon turned out to be an excellent warrior with a knack for close combat.

Around 1872, rumors began circulating that the CSA Army would start to forcibly relocate the Indian tribes inhabiting the Panhandle to reservations. This understandably did not sit well with the tribes and in early 1873 they began a hit-and-run campaign against the Army. Tosahwi actively took part in these raids against the white man.

In 1874, the Army launched it’s campaign to force the tribes into reservations. Thus began the Red River War. The Comanche, Kiowa, Southern Cheyenne, and Arapaho tribes banded together to do battle against a common enemy. At first, the mobile Indian bands proved to be too elusive for the Army, but soon the tide of war began to turn as the Army started to employ automatons and other infernal machines against the tribes. The tribes were driven back and at the tail end of 1874, the war culminated at the battle of Palo Duro Canyon.

The united tribes had established a large camp in the northern edge of the canyon. This was the last bastion of the tribes in the Panhandle. At the dawn of September 28, the CSA Army caught the Indians by surprise. The braves tried to hold the attackers back while the rest escaped, but they were quickly overwhelmed. In addition to killing a number of warriors, the Army torched most of the settlement, killed over 1200 horses and destroyed countless pounds of buffalo meat. When the dust settled, Tosahwi laid on the battlefield, mortally wounded. For two days and two nights he lied there, waiting for death. But death didn’t come. Instead, an old shaman, called Laughing Coyote, happened upon him. The medicine man took him in and nursed Tosahwi back to health. He sensed that the young brave had a strong connection to the Spirits and so he decided to train him.

For the next three years, Tosahwi learned about the Medicine from the old shaman, until in the late 1877 he had a vision in his sleep.

Work in progress

Tosahwi (WIP)

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