Mark Winters

Cowboy with a heart o' gold, shotgun and his loyal horse betsy


Traits & Aptitudes

Mental Traits & Aptitudes
Cognition 4d12 Knowledge 1d8 Mien 1d4 Smarts 2d8 Spirit 3d6
Scrutinize 2
Search 2
Trackin’ 3
Academia: Occult 1
Area Knowledge: Lubback 2
Animal wranglin’ 2
Persuation 2
Scroungin’ 2
Streetwise 2
Survival: Praerie 2
Guts 3
Physical Traits & Aptitudes
Deftness 4d10 Nimbleness 4d8 Quickness 4d6 Strength 3d6 Vigor 3d8
Shootin’: Shotgun 2
Speed-load: Shotgun 1
Horseridin’ 3
Dodge 2
Fightin’: Brawlin’ ; Lariat 3
Sneak 1
Teamster 1
Glimbin’ 1
Quickdraw: Shotgun 2


Pacifist 3
“Mark had been thought by his parents to live proper and value life no matter how bad person might be and take good time to think if killin’ can be avoided.”

Law o’ the West 3
“Live by the two books important out here the good book and law book. That was pa’s favorite sayin’ and has been a good road to walk in life.”
Loyal 3
" To find a friend in Mark is to find a friend for life."

Oath: to Kill ‘The Monster’ 2
“It be his mission in life to kill the monster and end it as it ended his family and nothing is going to be too big an obstacle to move to accomplish this goal.”


Veteran o’ Weird West 0

Belongin’s 1
Smart horse (+2 to horse ridin’)
" Betsy is smart, too smart almost for it’s own good."
Nerves o’ Steel 1
" When it counts you can count on Winters no runnin’ away."
Keen 3
" My friend here can shoot the wings of a fly 20 feet away and I have eyes to see him do it."


My start, my childhood was less that auscpicous, but when I was young we didn’t know we lacked anything because we had nothing to compare it to. And there a freedom in that. My family was one of pioneers. Pushing limits of civization to untamed west and they had settled to a nice place faraway from bigger towns but close enough to do business when it was needed. I was oldest child and firstborn son of our family and I realized soon enough that my place in this earth was to inherit my ma and pa. Life was simple but hard and one of my youngest brother stayed and helped me to run our homestead after ma and pa had left this here earth. Few years passed and some small towns grew up from nothing in wake of railroads and easier access to west. It wasn’t really hard to find a wife from these growing towns and my charlotte was kind and understanding and proper wife and mother. It was after my firstborns birth that my brother Josh left to wander about as a cowboy.

Few more years passed. I have to say that we have allways been proper folk and I and my family have allways been living by the good book. Never killed nobody and lived as one should. That all changed when a ranger arrived. Said he had been trackin’ somekinda a beast or something of sorts. Been on its tail for a long time. Hired help from town and neighboring farms to track, corner and kill the beast. My Charlotte seemed antsy about the whole deal but I talked to her that it would only take a day or two at the most. So we went trackin’. That was the easy part. Beast seemd to have killed few folks and was keen on human flesh or so the ranger told us so we should be aware. Trail of corpses was easy enough to follow when you knew what to look for. Ripped limbs and bodies torn to shreads, those were signs easy to follow, but easiest of all was something that put the feeling of unease to our backs. Smoke, black smoke, like soot but thicker was seen before killings, and it did leave a trailing smell of something a kin to rotten eggs when we got close enough. It took us a lot longer than anticipated to corner it completely. On sixth night of our hunt we had it trapped in canyon side cave. Cave was on a ledge with 40-feet drop to solid groud and small river running through canyon. we could hear it’s low growling sound coming from the cave but coudn’t see properly cause that night sky was shrouded with thick partial clouds. We numbered ten men total and two three of us walked out from that cave.
Stench in that cave was horrendous, like that of rotten eggs and death. Nex thing of note was that smoke, darker than blackness of cave itself. What happened inside that cave can only be discibed as a massace. First to fall was a young man, he couldn’t be older that 16, his troat was ripped open by invisible claws ony trail of smoke remained. Then we started shooting and I’m not sure but one of us might have managed to scratch it cause it let out a bonechillin’ howl filled with pain and a promise of death. Few of us couln’t handle it and covered their ears in hopes of silencing the howl. They died next. Such was the strenght of the beast that men were lifted from the ground like marionets without strings. When there we only four of us left local butcher named Alec Whitmoyer seemed to notice some shape and lunged in his hands out streched. He shouted that he got it and with great effort seemed to hold it in place. In any other circumstance the sight of a grown man seemingly pantomime wrestling a bull would have been funny, not here, not now. We were dumbfounded and for few seconds just stand there. Only after Alec shouted us to shoot it did we act. But to where, there was nothing to shoot and we might hit him. Ranger was first to act. Sound of gunshots in small cave gave me a pause, I can still feel my earsring just thinking about it. Anyways Ranger hit something besides Alec. Another howl, now filled with pain more than last one. Alec was clearly strugglin’ to held this invisible beast. So us still standing took our aim and took shots. Growls of pain grew louder but the beast was still not dead, thou bleeding heavily cause we could now see allmost blackblood dripping from thin air, giving form to this unseen beast. It was big, bigger that a price cow at competition. And strong, now being visibly hurt it tore itself free from Alecs grip and lunged for him. Alec was hoisted to air and held from his waist by now semi-visible monstrosity. Alec screamed, clearly in pain and dying but trying to hold on to his life. Monster decided that it was our numbered and out matched and ran through us. It managed to knock us all out of our feet. Tumbling through it managed to get to caves entrance. Maybe it didn’t remember the drop. or it thought that fallin’ 40-feet to solid ground wasn’t anything that it couldn’t shake off. It fell with out slowing a beat, Alec still tight on it’s jaws. We rushed out of the cave, looking down we could see Alec lying, his arms and legs bent and twisted out of shape, unmoving. We made our way down there as fast as we could. Next to him were dragging marks of something bid and wounded towards the river. I was mortally wounded but still managed to make its escape. We were sure it would wind up dead sooner rather than later so we went to my house to celebrate job well done, and to mourn our losses.
Little did we know, it was following us. We got to my house well enough. My wife made us breakfast and we just sat there no words were spoken nor needed. Ranger and his friend stayed at our home for a night so that their horses could rest. But no sleep came to us that night, but the Beast did. It came to us after dark. We were having late supper. First thing to notice was the smell. Foul stench came almost the same time as crashing of window. Beast rushed in and made waste of my house. Trashing and destroying it layed waste. I recall a little of events that happened. Next morning the thing was gone. My home a ruin and my family dead, Ranger and his friend both survived, thou not unscythed. I remember little about next few years, they were filled with different kind of work. Cattle driving, farming and rebuildin’ my home.

Mark Winters

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